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Q: What is TAB? We are a group of teenagers partnering with the library trying to enrich the the life of others teens by advancing education, addressing social issues, and enhancing communities

Q: What does TAB do? With the ultimate goal of connecting teens to Burke Centre Library, we create fun clubs and competition to get teens more involved in the community while furthering their academic interest.

Q: Who is in TAB?

President: Amna Tahir

Secretary: Areeb Ehtisham/Amelia Gulding

Treasurer: Yang Tang

Social Media: Subeen Lee

Technical/Website Development: Matt Singman

Public Relations: Amelia Gulding/Deanna Meyer

Other Members: Weaver Hodges, Nate Pillai, Amanda Schaeffer, Nandhana Nair, Karen Deng, Kyla Alexander

Adult Advisers: Maggie Culyba

Library Adviser: Nancy Klein

Sponsor: Burke Centre Library Friends GroupFacebook_icon

Q: Can I join TAB? We are always looking for more motivated and enthusiastic people to join the team! TAB members must show initiative, participate, have good time management skills, be willing to cooperate, set goals and follow up on them. Reliability and attendance is important. The minimum commitment to join TAB is 6 months. Successful members may stay for as long as they would like. Go to the contact us page and send us a message if you are interested in joining!

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