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Sherlock Holmes, the greatest detective in fantasy, solves his greatest mystery in the book The Hound of the Baskervilles by Sir. Arthur Conan Doyle. This book takes place on Baker Street in London, England in 1889. Sherlock Holmes is a very admired and revered character in London. This book is told from Sherlock Holmes assistant, Watson’s, point of view. This book starts out with Holmes and Watson waiting for Dr. Mortimer, their beloved friend, in their cozy burrow, when they notice that Dr. Mortimer had left his cane in their room. With Holmes’ spectacular skills, and the design of the stick, he concluded that Dr. Mortimer was a much trained specialized Doctor with a very peculiar attitude.  After a couple minutes, they find themselves next to Dr. Mortimer who seems to have a very anxious face. He tells Holmes and
Watson that a member of the Baskerville family was murdered. The Baskerville family were a prestigious and wealthy family in the town of Devonshire. The most unusual element of the murder was that a supernatural blood hound seemed to be the cause of his death. With this piece of the mystery, Dr. Mortimer knew the only detective who could solve the mystery was Sherlock Holmes. Dr. Mortimer also explains that the only living heir to the Baskerville was Sir. Henry. With his life in possible danger, Holmes dives into the mystery to dig into this supernatural hound. Sir. Arthur Conan Doyle used a very unique writing style. He uses immense amounts literary devices, for example he compares the hound to the three headed dog of Hades.

Sir. Arthur Conan Doyle describes every action with great detail. He uses lots of golden details meaning he shows more than telling. This helps create suspension in the climax and hooks the reader in. His detail also helps the reader imagine and visualize the mystery. His sentence structure is very vivid and strong, this lets the reader climb into his thoughts.  I recommend this book to 13-18 year olds because there is some complex language and he uses very old English. Reading the book helps challenge the mind and improve reading skills. I would rate this book 4.5 out of 5. This book is 4.5 because the action and build up to the resolution was planned out really well. I enjoyed how Holmes used his logic skills to solve the mystery. A thing I would change about this book is the abrupt ending. I want the author to stretch out the
ending and create a relaxed resolution. But overall this a spectacular book and would recommend this book to mystery lovers.

Check out The Hound of the Baskervilles by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle from the Fairfax County Public Libraries 

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