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Alice in Zombieland, written by Gena Showalter, is a mixture of adventure, mystery, romance, and humor. Showalter puts her own creative spin on the theory of Zombies, while managing to incorporate other smaller mysteries and adding her own science/logic behind it all. This story is very loosely based on Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland,” with a few references throughout the story.
Set in a normal world, teen age prospective, the story of Alice Bell has a fair amount of tragedies, fights, heartfelt moments, sarcasm, and humor that would fit into a regular teen’s daily life. Showalter makes her characters easy to connect with and easy to fall in love with. With a fair amount of blood and gore, the tale goes from slow and tragic, to full of excitement and events, to an epic end battle scene, all to be wrapped up in a happily ever after that makes you want to read the next book immediately.
If you like zombies, good verses evil, and a touch of romance, you’re going to love this book.


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