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Of Mice and Men is a historical fiction book written by John Steinbeck. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys historically themed books. Although it is a rather short book, Steinbeck managed to create an elaborate story without using too much time within the book. The vocabulary can be difficult to understand at times and Steinbeck also used some profane terms. Steinbeck’s usage of contractions and his vivid vocabulary helps to visualize each scene. Also, the way Steinbeck portrays each character’s traits is phenomenal. He uses vivid direct characterization and indirect characterization. He also manages to use symbols effectively and efficiently. Also, each event in the book has some significance. Steinbeck was able to use his vocabulary to set the scene for each event. The tone throughout the book was serious and intense at times. There were several depressing moments throughout the book. I would recommend this book since it was a rather interesting book.

-Areeb Ehtisham

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