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Behind the Gates is the first book introducing a four book series, Tomorrow Girls, by Eva Gray. Set in a dystopian world, where the United States and a powerful sinister group called the Alliance are in the midst of war, 13-year-old Louisa and her best friend Maddie are among the lucky few to be sent to an all-girl boarding school far from home. There the two girls’ met two new roommates; Evelyn, who won’t stop suspecting CMS and Rosie, who’s part of the athletic clique. Even with all the hard work and strict rules, Louisa loved CMS — With its fresh air, survival classes, and swimming pool, she doesn’t even miss having TV, or the internet. Almost every Country Manor School’s staff member stated, “Everything we do is for your own safety.” Louisa really wanted to believe that, but with her location unknown to her, and the questionable trust, it was getting hard. As the days and weeks go on, Louisa and her friends’ suspicions of CMS has grown. They are determined to find answers, even if it costs them an unknown severe punishment.

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” From her prospective, join Louisa and her friends on their journey in this frightening world as their friendship and teamwork grows. Lies and truths will be revealed; no one is safe from war. Behind the Gates is more focused on younger audiences such as young teens and girls in the 8-14 range. It introduces them to the idea and understanding of a dystopian society without excessive violence.

Check out Behind the Gates by Eva Gray from the Fairfax County Public Libraries

Book Review by Cecilia Duong

3.5 stars


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