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Kingdom of Ash, by Sarah J. Maas elevates magic to another level. She uses detail, humor, and blood lust to draw the pictures in this book. Kingdom of Ash is the last book in a series of eight. This book brings together all of the separate viewpoints from previous books, and brings them all to a bloody battlefield. Books one to seven all lead up to the final battle, a battle that will either save Celaena Sardothien’s home kingdom of Terrasen, or bring the world crashing down upon them. Celaena and her court must give this final surge their all before Meave and Erawan, king and queen of the Valg, take over the world.

Erawan and his two brothers had previously created three keys. These keys lead into the other worlds, which are stacked upon each other. While in a certain world, creatures stay there, and can not see into the other worlds. But these keys went against that. When the other two kings were banished back into their own world of death, the keys are lost. Celaena must forge a lock, a lock that will permanently lock the keys away, so anything that does not belong in this world is banished and forever locked away into the world they came from. The lock requires a life, and when something truly amazing happens in the forgery, the war is in a new position. But not necessarily a good one.

Because of the event that takes place in the lock, Celaena must think of a new plan. Powers that would have worked have disappeared, and many people are losing hope. Soldiers are preparing to surrender, and everything is looking bleak. Then a miracle happens. One that is a risk to multiple people, but might save them all. They have to decide to take it, or try and save what they can. Sarah J. Maas uses mind boggling plot twists and fantastic characters to make this story come to life. Kingdom of Ash is a perfect choice for teenagers, between the action packed plot line, and the snarky writing. Will Celaena save her kingdom of Terrasen, or will the world be handed over to death and darkness?

Check out Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J. Maas from the Fairfax County Public Libraries

Book Review by Meghan Savage

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