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I rate this book as FOUR OUT OF FIVE STARS. Two thumbs up, I loved it.

Superheroes are not always interesting and new and sometimes the you can predict the storylines. However in this colorful graphic novel, it gives a new twist on the characters you already know by writing them as teenage superheroes rather than as originally cast pre-teens you are used to. The age range is for 8 to 14 year old kids who would really enjoy a superhero story. As a side note my uncle also enjoyed the book so do not think to be limited to my age range in sharing this book. All your superheroes from the TV series Teen Titans are here. Plus, there are a few more unknown new characters. The difference is that in this book they are much older now, teenagers rather than the little kids that are within the TV series, that by the way I loved to watch for hours over spring vacation. The book starts out with a girl masked robot hijacking a school bus. Your superheroes Beast boy, Red Robin, Cyborg, Raven, Wondergirl get involved. There are a few new superhuman characters that maybe you have not seen before like Bunker and Powergirl. The bad guys, I call her robot girl, and her creator Manchester Black create chaos within Manhattan, New York. Like all bad guys they have an evil plan.Awesome pictures show the battles that take place. There are lots of explosions, machine gun battles and other excitement. They say a lot of cool stuff in their storylines (that you can repeat to your friends). I am not going to tell you how it ends but teamwork is necessary and does not come too easily.The book is not an ending story because it is meant to continue to the next graphic novel in the series.

Check out Teen Titans, Blinded by the Light by Will Pfeifer and Kenneth Rocafort from the Fairfax County Public Libraries 

Book Review by Jimmy Tran

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