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The Autobiography of Malcolm X told to Alex Haley was personally one of the best

books that I have ever read. It tells of “…a man who rose up from the dregs of society, spent

time in jail, reeducated himself and, through spiritual enlightenment, rose to the top.” I

usually don’t like to read biographies, but this one was like a fictional book in the sense that

the events that occurred are the types of things that action movies have, like armed

robberies, mass drug dealing, and much unexpected plot changes. The book also was relevant

to what we’re learning in school, I could make many connections with it, and best of all, it

has vocabulary words and was my level of reading. I acknowledged the challenges that the

Islamic Movement faced in the 1950s compared to today. Reading this book gave me a deeper

understanding of the state of the United States in the 1900s and made me look at the civil

rights movement (CRM) in another way. I learned that the CRM wasn’t just peaceful protests

and marches but also violent events, arguments between the history of the white and black

man, and the moral decisions that the government had to make. The book had almost every

component that I wanted in a book. The use of language by the author is also very smooth and

easy to understand. Even though I didn’t understand some words, the way that the sentence

was written helped me get an idea of what those words meant.

Check out The Autobiography of Malcolm X from Fairfax County Public Libraries

5 stars

Book Review by Alip Arslan

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