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The Obsidian Blade is book one of the Klaatu Diskos Trilogy written by Pete Hautman. A story and world of sci-fi and mysteries to unveil. Tucker Feye had only been a normal boy with a loving father and mother until that day; the day where his father had suddenly disappeared out of thin air. The Reverend Adrian Feye had climbed onto the roof to fix a loose shingle, and suddenly, he was gone. That was the first time Tucker had first saw the disk. A while later, Tucker’s father returns, refusing to say where he has been. Along with him was an unspeaking, yellow-haired, dark-eyed girl. It was then that Tucker’s family began to shatter. His father spends hours brooding in his studies, while his mother is withdrawn from the world and believed to have gone mad. Then there comes the day where both of Tucker’s parents vanish. From that day when he had first seen the disc, his life was already drawn into the world of Klaatu Diskos. As Tucker desperately searches for his parents, he will fall and uncover the distant past and terrifying future along with ultimate suspense and unexpected betrayal.

I find The Obsidian Blade a thrill to read with its surprises and mysteries, but it can leave you hanging in the dust if you don’t take the time to process what is happening. The Klaatu Diskos trilogy is a great series for young adults that like science fiction. Jumping from realm to realm; time to time, join Tucker Feye as he enters a new digital reality. The world that Pete Hautman has created will leave you in curiosity while wanting to read and unveil more.

Check out The Obsidian Blade by Pete Hautman from the Fairfax County Public Libraries

Book Review by Cecilia Duong

4.5 stars

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