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Thief’s Covenant is the first book of a four book YA fantasy series by Ari Marmell. If you’re a fan of Sarah J. Maas’s work of Throne of Glass, then Thief’s Covenant is a perfect read. Adrienne Satti, an orphan of Davillon. Widdershins, a thief. They are the same person, yet they are not. After Adrienne had climbed from her rank of destitution to the ranks of the city’s aristocracy, she had been loved and cared for. Until one dreadful night when it was taken away from her; everything she knew and loved was stolen by forces of human and others in a flurry of blood and murder. Being the only survivor of the massacre, Adrienne had clawed her way up to the life of a successful thief with the mythical aid of Olgun, a foreign god. Today, no longer the person she was of the past who was accused of murder, she is now Widdershins. In the midst of Davillion’s political turmoil, things are beginning to rise up threatening against her. She is wanted in prison by The City Guard. Members of her own guild want her dead, and Widdershins will have to face the darkness of her past as she uncovers its truths and terrors.

Join a dark, but also humorous marvelously written series along with a witty thief and a vainglorious god. Their spiritual understanding and hilarious relationship with each other is impossible not to love. Suspense, friendship, loss and unveiling masks; Thief’s Covenant is filled with pleasant surprises.

For me, Thief’s Covenant was a really fun and amazing read. The way that the author webbed each word into each sentence was captivating. During the first few chapters, I had trouble concentrating on the events happening because of the sophisticated use of words; the large amount of time skips didn’t make it any better either. But as I read on, I had gotten use to the author’s writing style and was able to perceive the book. And because of that, I recommend this book for older teens and young adults.

Book review by Cecilia Duong

Check out Thief’s Covenant by Ari Marmell from Fairfax County Public Libraries

4 stars

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