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One fun exercise in Creative Writing is to come up with three random words and write a short story. These words can be simply mentioned or an important part of the piece. Be creative and have fun with writing; you should enjoy yourself. You can keep it to yourself if you want, but you can put your story in the comments and show your work to the whole world. You can also suggest words for use in the future. Today’s words are…

  • Marionette – a puppet worked from above by strings attached to its limbs
  • Cave – a large underground chamber, typically of natural origin, in a hillside or cliff
  • Car Wash – a place or event in which motor vehicles are cleaned

You should take a half hour or so to write your own story before coming back and reading mine.

A young nameless child sat in a cold dark cave looking out at the rain falling from the sky. Water cascaded down the rocky walls, narrowly missing his tiny feet. Curled up in a tiny ball on the ground, he looked miserable. As skinny as a stick, it didn’t look like the boy had eaten in weeks. Gliding in from the watery deluge, a doll gently rested a soaked cotton hand on the young child’s back.
“Don’t look so sad,” implored the marionette impossibly floating in the air. With pale and petite features the fantastical toy caressed the tiny child’s back. As the boy looked up from his stupor, the puppet looked with pleading eyes, and the young boy smiled.
The little lad softy replied, “I try not to be sad, but I am all alone. The only family I’ve ever known left me, and they are never coming back.” The hesitant smile fell from his babyish face and tears streamed down it dampening his shirt.
“They will be back; all you have to do is wait,” consoled the marionette as it fluttered around him sending colorful sparks flying like mini fireworks. She performed a most beautiful light show for the young child and a tenuous grin returned to his face. He could not hide his glee from the doll.
As she concluded her show the marionette chided, “You can’t honestly expect me to believe that anyone would choose to abandon such a marvelous young man as yourself.”
“They left me to go to a car wash in the middle of a rain storm. No one washes their car while it’s raining” replied the young boy soberly. His stoic reaction did nothing to indicate that it was all a fragmented memory of a dream long since dead and gone.

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